TWG TEA: making high-end tea in the tea in the country

TWG TEA: making high-end tea in the tea in the country Abstract: from a national tea tea brand, only seven years time, let the shop all over the New York, London, Tokyo, Munich, Shanghai and other big city’s top malls, and even become the Shanghai Film Festival, big gathering Festival sponsors, eventually become a sales network all over the world “luxury tea”.

From a national tea tea brand, only seven years of time, let the shop all over the New York, London, Tokyo, Munich, Shanghai and other big city’s top malls, and even become the Shanghai Film Festival, big gathering Festival sponsors, eventually become a sales network all over the world luxury tea “”.

To do this “tea industry LV” brand is TWG TEA, in such a short period of time, how do they do it?

TWG TEA was founded in 2008, is the founder of Taha from Morocco and Bouqdib from America Manoj M. Murjani. Among them, the greatest impact of founder Taha Bouqdib was born in Morocco lawyer family, love tea like crazy in the past more than 10 years, he traveled the world on all continents, mainly tea garden, private collection of tea has more than a thousand more.

Interestingly, the creation of the brand location did not choose any country of them, but in singapore.

The land area of only 714 square kilometers of Singapore is a little agricultural country, not to mention the production of tea to water require extremely fine crops.

Back in 2008, was preparing to live in the United States TWG founder Taha Bouqdib is going to do some articles in tea, such as opening up the market of america.

“Why don’t you try Singapore?” M. co-founder Manoj Murjani does not support the idea of Taha, he felt that Asia is the future of tea is the most potential market. Two people on the road from the airport to the hotel’s final decision, the business location selection in order to garden and order and said singapore.

Taha said: “the tea is a treasure of Chinese and the East, so when we choose to create brand in the birthplace of tea in asia. We are determined to create a brand in Asia, and then chose Singapore, because it is the best in Asia countries.”

Their first shop opened in the Republic of Singapore square, a hit “the world’s best luxury tea brand” slogan, trademark is 1837, but this is not the date of the establishment of brand, but in order to commemorate Singapore Island as tea, spices and advanced products trading port year hedonism.

2008 is the Asian financial crisis hit the day, but also became an opportunity for the development of TWG. Taha recalls that period, they store all the big companies in Western dress and leather shoes, CEO, tea, gathered here to discuss solutions through the crisis.

“This scene gives TWG great confidence, if their business in a crisis are rising, and what difficulties cannot be overcome?” Taha said.

Soon, in September second, TWG stores opened in Singapore Orchard Road Top International Mall ION Orchard. Since then, the rate of expansion of TWG Rising: in 2010, it opened its first overseas store in Tokyo’s most fashionable neighborhoods; in 2014, TWG TEA stores and sales network has spread all over the United States, Britain, Australia, Chinese, into the global 29 countries and 4 continents, including the Dubai Lugger Hotel outlets are TWG TEA.

At present, TWG TEA products are sold all over the world famous grocery stores and senior department stores, such as London Harrods, Dean & DeLuca, the United States and Japan Singapore Tokyo Takashimaya, Germany Munich Feinkost Kaefer, Lisbon El Corte Ingles, Australia David Jones, GUM of Moscow. So, in addition, Singapore Airlines, All Nippon Airways flight, TWG TEA is the first-class cabin supply. The environment in Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Doha airport also has a TWG TEA boutique.

“Today, our brand from Singapore to the development of the world, in the recognized by consumers at the same time, we also own luxury brands in Asia and proud.” Founder Taha said.

TWG TEA has a clear brand positioning. From the beginning of entrepreneurship will be determined to create “The Finest Tea in the World” (the world’s best tea). In the 7 years of development in the brand concept the whole process of production and operation, from all over the world including tea, R & D and innovation, promotion is also timely, makes the brand image quickly establish and consumer identity.

In order to comply with this position, TWG TEA used as a luxury way of tea, the tea shop into a luxury shop.

It will be Europe’s top veteran manufacturers tea division, tea division, tea division, brand designer and Michelin chef, the ancient European tea experience, technology brought to Singapore, and TWG TEA stores are mostly located in the upscale shopping center.

In order to attract more young consumers, the innovation of this shop is also dedicated to tea. It has the world’s largest portfolio of products advertised. More than 800 kinds of tea and tea from a single manual deployment of 45 of global, high-quality tea directly from the local harvest back again by manual preparation into a unique mix of tea, with prices ranging from 100 yuan to 5000 yuan per 50 grams. Although the price is a luxury positioning, has relaxed selection, expand the consumer level.

Taha said: “the tea is not an ancient and conservative product, according to the development of the times, tastes and needs of people will change, we hope to catch up with the pace of the times, so that products are attractive. In Chinese, is generally a few people drink a pot of tea, in TWG TEA, we advocate that everyone has a pot to suit your taste, their own tea. To this end, we continue to enrich the variety, create more fresh taste.”

Half of the tea shop is said to drink elsewhere in the world, the government of Singapore in the protection of intellectual property rights also gave great support.

In addition to the tea produced outside, TWG also sell the collocation of fine dining, including the sale of the famous French dessert Macarons (Ma Kalong), this dessert after TWG improvement, has been given a variety of flavors, but each flavor with tea flavor, rich brand characteristics.

For young consumers, TWG TEA launched a variety of flavors blending tea, can even taste private custom. Consumers can shop with the tasters said today want to demand or taste, should choose the foundation, including Black Tea, white tea, black tea, Green Tea, then select the fruit and flowers and so on, the tea becomes like perfume as complex and personality.

Taha said: “I even put a precious white tea in Fujian, used to make the deployment of materials, people say this is crazy move. Usually only the most advanced single tea products in order to reflect the subtle taste. I regard it as a declaration: do not understand the tea culture of the people, can buy a hybrid tea when the first to taste the rare tea, from ecstasy.”

Of course, bold innovation has also drawn some different opinions. Once a journalist from Germany questioned the shop, “tea is so serious, historical texture of things, how do you think the sale of pink tea, even Iced Tea?”

In this regard, TWG TEA said: “you need to have a serious side, there must be a love play. I saw those sixteen girls at the age of seventeen, pocket may only Chuaizhuo 20 dollars. They come into our store, and it would be a bright pink attracted.”

TWG TEA has developed a APP for the love of the fashion of young people, you can use this APP to find that the tea you want, then find your nearest TWG TEA stores.

Last August, TWG TEA launched China, the first stop in Shanghai, the Gateway Plaza opened in the mainland’s first boutique salon and China.

Just 10 months in Shanghai and Guangzhou have opened four boutiques and salons. In the eighteenth Shanghai International Film Festival, TWG TEA also appeared in the official sponsor of tea.

TWG TEA Chinese Marketing Manager Wang Xiaoli said, China has a long history of tea culture, the demand for high-end tea is also increasing, but consumers outside the local tea and tea culture do not know much.

To enter the market Chinese, TWG founder Taha TEA has enough confidence in the Chinese Market: “the opening of the Shanghai store is undoubtedly exciting for the whole course of development of TWG TEA. We Chinese market has been one of the first choice, and now the time is ripe, we will send TWG TEA to the largest country in Asia, one has the oldest and most prominent tea culture.”

He said that for China traditional tea culture: “I found in many Chinese tea house, showing the fashion industry and completely unrelated atmosphere. You have a very classic, very traditional, the best feeling a little grandfather can represent generations of tea culture. But in my opinion, tea and champagne as you can, with entertainment and sharing atmosphere, gentlemen and ladies appear in dating occasions.” (the “new economy” | special correspondent Ma Huan)


For a new tea tea. Tea tasting will be successful

For a new tea tea. Tea tasting will be successful Abstract: in April 10th, a tea held “2016 a new tea tasting tea” activities in the Futian e white-collar home as scheduled. Although the rainy day, but did not stop the love of tea friends to participate in the activities of the enthusiasm. More than twenty friends together, sharing good tea, have a good time.

[a] tea net information in April 10th, by a tea held “2016 a new tea tasting tea” activities in the Futian e white-collar home as scheduled. Although the rainy day, but did not stop the love of tea friends to participate in the activities of the enthusiasm. More than twenty friends together, sharing good tea, have a good time.

2016 a new tea tasting tea

Fukuda white-collar e

Sign in tea

3 pm, also not to have tea time, early came to the event. The process of small chat at the same tea friends learned that many tea is a tea, pay more attention to the activities of the network information, know how to enroll in activities. There is tea by Futian e white-collar family learned, in the Futian e such a white-collar white-collar workers and young people based social innovation base, to carry out a tasting tea open up a fresh outlook for many urban white-collar workers, feel very fresh.

The new tea tasting scene

This new tea tasting will not only drink tea, there are wonderful guzheng performances. A tea beauty tea Yang Wei with the song “Fisherman’s song” mountain welcome from afar tea friends. In the melodious music, tea friends forget his noisy, give up trifles, a serene meditation experience.

“Mountain” song of Guzheng performances

After the song, tasting link started. The first tea tasting is provided by Guizhou tea union 5S JunShang orchid queshe. In the tea lovers circulated enjoy dry tea, a tea content center (hereinafter referred to as the senior chief editor Zhao Ting Zhao editor) not only introduced the basic situation of this tea for everyone, but also to explain the relevant knowledge Green Tea for tea lovers.

Tasting: 5S JunShang orchid queshe tea

Tea tasting tea

5S JunShang queshe is a “Mingqian tea, produced in the special geographical position of tea producing areas in Guizhou, has a unique quality characteristics of Guizhou tea. It is the best quality Green Tea, Green Tea, its fresh taste and contains abundant material. Green Tea has anti radiation, anti-oxidation, to beauty, weight loss fat. But Green Tea cold, Zhao editor also reminded the friends of tea, cold as little as possible to avoid drinking Green Tea, fasting drink Green Tea.

Tasting tea: Tea Tang Hua Fang ancient rainforest

Second tea tasting is provided by the forest of ancient tea Fang Tang hua. This is the rainforest ancient tea house recently listed is the first ripe tea, loose tea. The dry tea cord tight, with golden bud, luster Ukraine brown yellow, good clarity. A friend said: “the smell of dry tea tea, can smell the aroma of light, make people feel very comfortable. The entrance of tea smooth, mellow, drink it can clearly feel bitter, but fast, open after a significant and lasting sweet.”

Enjoy the ancient tea tea rainforest Fang Tang Hua dry tea

Tea products share rainforest ancient tea Fang Tang Hua feel

Friends in the tea tasting tea at the same time, a network also prepared a check table for tea drink feel personal records. Some tea is drinking some tea while in first tasting, then fill in the tea products; and after the first with other tea, tea and then fill in the discussion.

Fill up the tea table

Tea tea experience exchange

In the tea interactive session, tea friends introduced themselves. There are tea said, you do not smoke or drink, you only love tea. Hope to participate in this tasting, drink more tea. In addition to self introduction, tea lovers also enthusiastically questions, communicate, share their experience of tea. The whole scene is happyharmonious.

Tea interactive link

Self introduction of tea

Tea tea experience sharing

Exquisite souvenir

At the end of the event, the rain stopped. A tea party, will eventually end, can leave the laughter, tea and music but will remain in the Futian white-collar e home, stay in this beautiful afternoon. Just like the tea in an interview after the event said, “now the urban white-collar workers usually are particularly busy, have time to attend a tea party, not only can self-cultivation, but also a lot of growth of tea culture knowledge, increase the personal charm of the workplace.”

Take a tea tea Network Interview

A photo

Met by tea, and finally because of tea, a tea party can always have unexpected surprise. Perhaps, you can meet a love of tea, perhaps you can find a like-minded friends, perhaps, you can know the tea knowledge, perhaps you can find a good place for a stolen day…… Next, a tea will continue to be held dozens of theme tea, let like-minded people love tea together, communicate with each other. A tea party activities, look forward to your participation!


The rise and decline of tea trade after the opening of Fuzhou

The rise and decline of tea trade after the opening of Fuzhou

The rise and decline of tea trade after the opening of Fuzhou

Fu Tea heart

No. 100 17-07-17 16:30

Abstract: since the inception of Fuzhou nearly ten years of silence time, until in 1853 the first batch of tea shipped from the beginning, its potential is like a volcano burst out, become a world tea trade port jumped in just ten years. However, with the increasing international competition, good times don’t last long, and reduce the demand for Chinese tea in the western countries, as in quickly decline, but never revive. From mid nineteenth Century to early twentieth Century a few, they experienced from rise to decline changes, this change radically worth pondering and aftertaste.

Zheng He’s figure

Tea has a long history in China, had become an indispensable part of Chinese in social life, is one of the important elements of Chinese culture. After the beginning of foreign trade since the Ming Dynasty, China tea on the development trend also had a profound impact, such as the American War of independence, opium etc. and are closely linked, the importance of this remarkable. Before twentieth Century, as one of the most Chinese main export commodities, the tea market is related to the rise and fall of the event for some beneficial to the people’s livelihood, especially the coastal provinces and cities, the situation is more serious, such as the rise and decline of the port, it can be said that the “into tea, tea is also lost”. Therefore, from the history of Chinese tea is easy, it is not difficult to find some characteristics of modern society China. This article is based on the port, from prosperity to the small path attenuation change, through Chinese modernization twists and turns this big.

First, the background of the rise of Fuzhou

China is the hometown of tea, tea, porcelain and silk like “four great inventions”, is to make the immortal contribution of national civilization. It can be said that in a modern history is equivalent to a Chinese history of foreign relations. It is because of the tea in the civilization process, in such a special position, so the study of tea history also became very attention in academic field, and the study area of tea city is just unfolding. This paper is based on previous research, the modern tea city do not mature discussion. Make a special study of tea city: Lin Liqiang “tea evangelist — nineteenth Century missionaries Lu Gongming abandoned teaching business case study,” [1] “and” [2] nineteenth Century western missionaries; Cheng Zhenfang “rise” opium and tea in Hong Kong; [3] “constitutional system changes and China ginger tea on the modern easy — Hong Kong case based on the investigation of” [4] (although there are many articles related to tea, but not for specialized research, made so here is not quoted). The above research are discussed in the face of tea change from different layers, so this paper on the basis of their giving, tentative analysis of the whole process from prosperity to decline.

As everyone knows, the nation in the long run, the tea poured a lot of hard work and feelings, gradually create the unique Oriental tea. At the same time, in the period of agricultural civilization, tea production and trade has become one of the pillar industries Chinese economy. Especially in the Ming and Qing Dynasties two generations, along with the commodity economy, budding capitalist relations of production have brought unprecedented prosperity. During this period, due to the rise of the opening of new routes and the capital market for Chinese tea export, further to provide a wider space, which stimulates the domestic tea production scale, Wuyi Mountains, Yunnan, Pu’er tea in the south of Anhui province gradually as the franchise area. On the basis of stability and transport routes gradually formed, some in the network center of the city and region, such as Guangzhou, estuary town status has become increasingly prominent. Until the mid nineteenth Century, the city or region has played an important role in regional trade, the regional economic society plays an irreplaceable role.

Lin Zexu Humen Beach

However, in 1840 the outbreak of the Opium Chinese defeat, was forced to open five ports, China market open at the same time, foreign capital will stampede in. So the old trading system was broken by [5], the new trade system gradually formed [6]. Some of the previous as a transit station of the city and area have been seriously affected, declining status. While the new trade center is rising rapidly, the rise of the port city, it is thanks to Wuyishan Black Tea entrepot trade. After Opium, imperialist aggression in strengthening at the same time, the China gradually into the capitalist market system, their side dumping goods into Chinese, side stepping Chinese plunder resources. Because at that time the Chinese tea is especially favored by foreigners, so as to become one of the behoove of bulk goods. At the beginning of opening, the huge market potential is still not fully, once the time is ripe this potential will instantly burst out. It is in this context, it has become a trade network in a bright meteor. It is called a “meteor”, because it is pure belong to the outbreak of the famous city apartment layout: almost overnight, and quickly in a short period of annihilation, and malaise withering no revival.

The rise and decline of the two, Fuzhou tea trade

The prosperity of the port of Fuzhou after the opening of five ports

In July 1844 before the official opening, is one of the five ports in the opening of the latest. Because of the approaching Black Tea region of Wuyishan, the West had to drool with envy in silence, waiting for the same time, finally in 1853 to the first batch of tea output, then its momentum is a can not be closed, the amount soared. From 1854 until 80s, the amount of foreign high. In 1854, according to customs statistics, 130 thousand meter 6 million 500 thousand kilograms of tea bear (actually more), 55 ships (including the 37, 14 US) for transport, this year in June, Guangyang line has increased by 7; in 1855 this year, the Guangzhou trade is almost at a standstill, the volume of tea to 270 thousand at 13 million 500 thousand kg. The ship up to 132 ships, load of 51674 tons; in 1856 the amount was increased to 40972600 pounds (about 18 million 600 thousand kg), foreign 148 cargo ships; and in the same year Guangzhou and Shanghai tea amounted to 21359865 pounds (about 9 million 700 thousand kg) and 36919064 lb (16 million 750 thousand kg). The tea season in July 1859 listed, from Guangzhou to the United States the amount of tea was 3558424 pounds (about 1 million 610 thousand kg), away from Xiamen, 5265100 pounds (about 2 million 400 thousand kg), Shanghai 6893900 pounds (about 3 million 130 thousand kg), and from out of 11293600 pounds (about 5 million 123 thousand kg); over the same period to the British tea, Guangzhou (about 41586000 pounds 19 million kg), Shanghai 12331000 pounds (about 5 million 600 thousand kg), 36085000 pounds (about 13 million 600 thousand kg). In other words, in just five or six years, tea production has reached the sum of Guangzhou and Shanghai 2/3. In 1863, the year 1864, as of May 31st, the volume of tea are: 43500000 British pounds (about 20 million kg), Australia 8300000 pounds (about 3 million 750 thousand kg), the United States 7000000 pounds (about 3 million 180 thousand), three total number reached 58800000 pounds (about 27 million kg). [7]

According to statistics, in 1873 1871, Chinese average annual value of 110 million yuan, of which the tea value of 57 million 970 thousand yuan, accounting for 52.7%. The port output has accounted for the national tea tea value of 35% to 44%, that is to say, only tea a, accounting for about 20% of gross. [8] these figures show that in a very short time, has been rising rapidly for the Chinese Black Tea largest trade port, its importance is self-evident. By 1880 the trade reached the most glorious period, amount to 801110 Dan (about 40 million kg), 2 million 650 thousand pounds (about 40 million yuan). At this point, “has become the largest tea port and Chinese.” [9]

Fuzhou’s Russian brick factory site map | old buildings of Fuzhou

While this trade entered its heyday, the city and the city of tea tea but hidden deep crisis, its performance for:

1, because Black Tea sold, Black Tea production in the promotion, prices, due to competition

The Qing Dynasty Wuyi tea market is the United Kingdom, Wuyishan star village produced Kung Fu tea and small tea in Europe especially welcomed by the british. But Black Tea made simple, quickly in the southern provinces Chinese popularization, the overall quality of Anhui Keemun Black Tea gradually over Fujian Black Tea; in the market, by the British capital control in India, Ceylon tea growing, the tea leaves thick taste thick, especially with the British tastes, British India, Ceylon Black Tea have gradually changed. So Fujian has gradually lost the British Black Tea this important market.

2, the British and American merchants manipulation, they intend to produce a surplus situation, the Fujian tea prices plunged.

Chinese tea merchants in Guangzhou city’s control, prices rose very quickly; but after the tea market to American businessmen, the famous flag, Chang The early bird catches, etc. in the opening line of Jardine matheson. With their strong capital gradually control tea city, Chinese to commander, sigh nonetheless. In order to obtain high profits, every spring, they have raised the price of tea merchants to attract selling tea; and when a large number of listed around the tea, they kill the ruthless price of tea, tea merchants sell Chinese force, resulting in the loss of tea. After 1880s, the merchants of successive losses, everyone to trade off Black Tea.

3, the official tea tax, farmers, merchants are pretty big blow.

The Qing Dynasty 13 years of tea tax bill

Since the Wuyi tea trade since the Qing government want tea, continue to add to the tax bureau, add to pumping PCIe card sign, port transportation channel, Wuyi tea to go through, set up to almost all the taxes, such as water, Songxi, Sandu, have specialized collection of tea tax authorities; more and more tax merchants pay a tax to take tea, an average of 424 money, this is a heavy burden for the tea industry of Fujian. In the tea tax rising at the same time, tea prices are falling in 1898 on the market price of tea was Shisanliangwu money, than the peak period of tea prices plunged 2/3. This is a reversal of the changes to the tea farmers and tea merchants difficult to break point. [10]

In addition, opening up new routes (the opening of the Suez canal in 1869), shipping and telecommunications industry, although has contributed to Chinese tea exported country, but eventually became one of the important factors to weaken the dominant market. For example, in the Suez canal before the British transport of Chinese tea must pass through Cape of Good Hope, generally about 120 days sailing to travel; is rescur tea clipper ship also takes 90 days. So when the Chinese tea shipped to London, will become popular; and the opening of new routes to change all that, it shortens the distance between production and marketing, accelerate the new tea market, reducing transport costs, make originally expensive Wuyi Black Tea price fall.

If the ocean shipping industry, and greatly reduce the freight cost, shorten the freight, and the rise of the telecommunications industry has completely changed the western trade mode of operation. In 1840s, the West has been erected on land master wire technology, 50s will be the laying of submarine cables. 1866 between Britain and the United States successfully set up across the Atlantic submarine cable. Soon, the 70s European China submarine cable laying is successful. From Europe to Chinese information transmission by wire transfer to the past, ten days and months, so in a few hours can arrive. The laying of submarine cables, completely changed the old situation of information transmission. For example, the British businessmen, don’t need to understand the thousands of miles through the ferry sailing overseas message, he only needs to send a overseas telegram, will solve all problems. Because the telecommunication tool in the hands of foreigners, and China traders on the market this initiative is absolutely ignorant of, in the hands of the hands of foreign. The foreign trade complete control of the situation, which makes the market only according to their standard of heteronomy. [11]

Finally, a single commodity city, its growth is so easy to rely on Wuyi tea. But in addition to tea, almost no other trade. Therefore, on the other hand, the single type and restricting trade, such as trade in the peak in 1859, the value reached 11 million yuan, and all of its imports of less than 2 million yuan, that is to say foreign goods in the market, the market is not optimistic. This rise in the period, due to high profits of foreign or can be tolerated; once the competition profit decreases, even unprofitable, foreign will certainly lose interest in looking at him, turn to the tea market. So, in 1880s, due to the combined effect of the above factors, the tea output is the decline, with the fate of Chinese tea as soon replaced by India, Ceylon. From Fujian Black Tea domination will cease to exist after 1890 every year, hundreds of thousands. Since then, the tea city still continue to keep going by painstaking effort, but have never returned to their former glory.

Three, the rise and decline of Fuzhou tea market

As we all know, so the earliest became one of the five ports, because it is richly endowed by nature geographical location, close to Wuyishan tea area. In the treaty before the Fujian tea to arrive in Guangzhou by road sung from the export, usually takes one or two months, not only the distant journey, and signs of danger appearing everywhere after 1853, Wuyi tea; by the beginning of Minjiang to foreign sales, trip up just 8 to 10 days. This distance is shortened, the transportation cost is greatly reduced. So foreign businessmen gathered, so every year all fall over each other to come here from the panic buying tea, the port competitiveness has been strengthened. [12] showed that the rise of the phenomenon:

1, Fuzhou increase the international influence

Because of the rapid increase, the force is also growing. In nineteenth Century five or six, Britain, France and the United States and other powers has set up a consulate here. In 1854 the United States government appointed flag Chang boss in the consular agent post; the same year the British Consul in the deputy and are promoted to the consular level. Then, France, Holland, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany and other countries have successively in the presence of consul, in order to protect its economic interests in Rongcheng. In order to [13] monopoly in July 1861 on the huge taxes, easy, British official in the customs office, located off Linjiang pan Chuan Pu, in order to achieve a few of the jurisdiction of maritime trade.

Fuzhou pan Chuan Pu Catholic Church

At the same time, the huge commercial interests also attract a lot of foreign speculators, they have come here for economic opportunities. Only in 1854, the Hong Kong foreign banks increased 7. The two sides of Minjiang built many foreign firms or companies, they are for large companies, the ocean and the General Administration of customs and the post office in the local branch. There is a path from these buildings extends to Nantai street, known as the “Piccadilly Street” (London on a busy street), both sides is full of China shops, here was very noisy and lively. Once across the street, came to a beautiful place with small parks and European style building. There is a boss of the house, foreign Commissioner of customs house, and beautiful consular residence. In addition, they lower officials and businessmen and missionaries more also mostly live there, their house is relatively simple in style, elegant; various clubs, churches and a small British cemetery built here. Both ends of a street has a different style, which formed a sharp contrast. [14]

2, expand the tea trade to promote the development of international shipping industry

Along with the unceasing expansion, the sea shipping competition, the shipping industry has been rapid, kiloton ships came into being, like the original “sea giant” and “tea” such a huge and bulky East Indiaman, quickly out of sight, the clipper was replaced by smooth and supple. The clipper design is streamlined, more sails in the wind, at speeds up to 18 miles; in maritime history, it was faster than the newly invented steamer. Specifically, the first ship clipper is built for trade. At the beginning of 1866, between the fast sailing “famous antelope” and “ladder flat” were one of the most spectacular game, “antelope” to start, but the “ladder flat” over it and the early arrival of the London docks. The voyage lasted 99 days, when they landed only 10 miles, is 10 minutes distance. From Minjiang to London in 15 thousand miles, two cargo vessels this gap really makes people can not imagine. At least half of the original general ship sailing on the water, now to just three months, the improvement of navigation technology for tea competition caused by the visible, the speed is incredible. [15]

In December 1868, Henry artist James Butt drawing watercolor, entitled “Star Tower, Fuzhou (tea producing area)” (source: British Royal Greenwich Museum) | reproduced in the old buildings of Fuzhou

The port after another in 50s also appeared buoys and lights. In Minjiang port, here before accidents, many merchant shipping marks and not because there is no such distress sank, such as the United States “Vostok” tons of clipper transports have been here to overturn. Since these facilities, the risk of sailing is greatly reduced.

3, the commercial center of the outward transfer

One of the distinctive features of modern China city is the commercial break through the wall and overflow, is no exception, when the rise of the commercial center of the city after the transfer to the outside. The two sides of Minjiang shops, Nantai region has become the trading place of tea; because there are about 15 nautical miles from Fujian and Minjiang River Estuary, and shallow, large cargo to upstream reach cargo can only be parked in the southern Taiwan, Mawei Port waiting in the small barge transporting the goods to the goods, such a trade function actually extends to Mawei port. [16] can be said to Nantai area and has become the commercial center of Hong kong.

4, the development of modern education and the dissemination of Western Learning

The remarkable achievement is that since the inception of the old mode of education is to break its culture and education, the coexistence of a variety of educational forms pattern began to appear, all kinds of educational thoughts have spread. So, business is booming.

The establishment of the first church schools to create a new situation in education. The founder of the Church Missionary in the school a little later than Xiamen, but in just a few years after the opening, that is, the United States issued Methodist Episcopal Church and the British sent to start school activities, set up successively in the large scale of school: Office issued “Gezhi academy”, Methodist office “crane age the Anglo Chinese College”, the episcopal office 31 College “etc.. At the same time, Methodist and the Department will do a woman school, one for the “Yu Ying female college”, the beginning of a “too female Mao Sook, a” Paul Fukuyama female college “, later renamed the” female school in Wenshan”. The various schools have been out at the increasing number of students, teachers, teaching equipment have also been strengthened. [17] no matter the church school was founded in mind is what, but it objectively promoted the development of modern education and, as the introduction of the bridge, this is because: first, it promoted the development of modern schools at all levels; two, the opening of new curriculum, expand the education content; three, creating a precedent for women’s education four, the introduction of modern school education; mode, which provides a successful example for the establishment of modern education system.

As the tea city flourished drives the economy, which laid a solid foundation for the establishment of various schools and various undertakings, this is also reflected in the rise of the book on the newspaper. Fujian’s first modern newspaper “poor government newspaper” was founded in October 1858, since then there have been “advertising”, “daily echo”, “Czech”, and Japanese founded the “Fujian newspaper” etc.. These newspaper readers are foreigners, but to teach students, overseas Chinese are studied, in which large businesses advertise. After the Chinese newspaper in 1894, until the beginning of twentieth Century there were seven such newspapers, namely “Fujian Daily News” “Fujian daily”, “Fujian news”, “news” suggestions, “Fujian Communique” and “commercial bulletin” and so on. These newspapers or publicity or advocate for innovation and progress, people open vision, to enlighten the people and the dissemination of information plays a role can not be ignored, so they are on the modern society can not be underestimated, [18]

Fuzhou dockyard

In addition the dockyard was founded, has also made a very fruitful contribution to the spread of Western learning, cultivating new intellectuals. The dockyard was founded in 1866, in early twentieth Century on the decline, and the decline was from prosperity to greatcoincidence. In fact, this is not accidental, because the dockyard funding comes from a considerable part of Fujian tea customs tax. [19] when the tea market downturn, it will naturally be. Can be said that the dockyard contribution is not made it how many ships, but in training talents and the dissemination of western advanced thoughts and technology. In the construction of the shipyard, shipyard to start shipping school recruit students, and hired the British and French Western knowledge for teachers; school in addition to a foreign language, mathematics, physics, chemistry, painting, specialized design, including shipbuilding, driving, turbine, garden art and other knowledge. In addition to domestic training school, further to foreign public school students, including Yan Fu, Wei Han, et al. Chuanzheng produced the first batch of Chinese shipbuilding, navigation and other related personnel, to a positive effect on Chinese modern military and diplomatic, translation, education, to promote modern society, promote cultural communication and dissemination of modern ideas are profound. [20]

Prolific translator of Western works into classical Chinese

The rise of tea changed the original situation, there is some new social occupation, such as specialized in tea trade, tea division occupation brokers; along with the trade, oceans, banks, the banks have to stay in Rongcheng, the new financial system established here; all other and increase social mobility…… In short, when reaching the peak, has become a powerful city in southeast coastal Chinese.

Photo taken in Fuzhou in 1890, leaving China teahouse early absorption of Western management way and hair change mark. For example, the evaluation of tea, tea on the all glass bottles are numbered, people can smell aroma, on brown, pick out the right according to the number of tea, tea. China has a long history of tea culture, has great vitality, and conform to the Chinese and foreign exchange, naturally into the life of the way the world is inseparable.

However, to the end of nineteenth Century, with the shrinking of Fujian tea, although the Mawei Port still showing a busy scene, but the entire port business financial activities is much worse than before, for example, from 1882 to 1884, the need to import four million yuan amount of gold and silver for commercial activity each year; the next two years is to reach seven million yuan a year. In 1890 and 1891, but suddenly dropped to a mere one million and six hundred thousand yuan. [21] during this period, some banks withdraw from the original 7 reduced to 4, finally left two; when busy wharf silted up, perennial no cleaning; [22] used in many related tea occupation have changed the line…… [23] all showed the brilliant past, the glorious period of a witness who can only look, glory days once in memory. Thus, the whole city how deeply. It is because of the decline of tea city, the city status was greatly weakened, at the beginning of twentieth Century became almost unknown to the public.

Four, summary

“Anyway, can only be regarded as a single commodity port, it will break the dream of prosperity. With the change of it so amazing achievements in the return to the original condition.” Expand the [24] power comes from the resurgence, the reason for the recession to shrink, so the quality of tea has almost become a decisive factor in the success of the city. This is caused by the change of a single commodity trade port city of ups and downs, is also rare in China; and from 1853 to early twentieth Century, in just a few rooms so much will change radically, this phenomenon itself is a matter worthy of reflection and recollection.

The rise and fall of that, in the condition of semi feudal and semi colonial, national economic growth is very weak, the lack of guarantee system stability, it is easy to form a single form of goods; and the single commodity form is easy to imperialist colonial economy in the inevitable result of his country. Just to build a bridge in the capital, when it once lost, a withdrawal of foreign capital it will naturally collapse down. In mid nineteenth Century the economy up, itself is a kind of abnormal expansion process, because it is not based on strong national industries on the single; expect foreign capital support is unreliable, so its decline is also reasonable.

The rise and fall of Enlightenment: one is that a city must give full play to their advantages in resources, but not only entirely dependent on the resources; two, there is no stable backing, a city no matter how it is difficult to maintain lasting. From the Chinese society itself, the traditional inertia is not a short duration of time will be able to completely change, it needs a process, and this process is imperialism patience, so they should change with gunboats to force, as a result we have to know is to become a long-term Chinese into a semi colonial and semi feudal society. Transition is painful, it is painful, and it is this transformation a wave of wave waves.

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Guangzhou [5] trading system, refers to the opium trade before the Guangzhou trade system. See [US] Fei Zhengqing: “Chinese, tradition and change” (John king, Fairbank, China, tradition andTransformation) Zhang Pei Beijing: Knowledge Press 2002 edition.

[6] is formed after the opium trade treaty system, see Fei Zhengqing, “China, tradition and change”.

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Author: Li Qing

Source: publication of “Journal of Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University, 2010, 31 (4): 36-40

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What tea for tea food?

What tea for tea food? Abstract: there are people three meals a day cannot do without Steamed Buns, people three meals a day cannot do without pepper, more people three meals a day cannot do without tea, so there is a tea that rations.

Some people eat three meals a day cannot do without Steamed Buns, people three meals a day cannot do without pepper, more people three meals a day cannot do without tea, so there is a tea that rations.

What tea do rations of tea?

Because of the different tea production process is mainly divided into six categories, namely: Green Tea, yellow tea, white tea, Black Tea, Oolong Tea and black tea (green tea).

Because of the production process, each kind of tea attributes are different, we can say which one is more suitable for tea rations from the health perspective.

Green Tea, yellow tea, tea is relatively rich connotation of material of six kinds of tea, so its antioxidant, anti radiation, anti-cancer effect is also relatively strong.

It is important to note that Green Tea refreshing effect is also relatively better, so many people will drink up Green Tea insomnia phenomenon, some people even more serious.

White tea is cold, put it into the fire that is synonymous with a bit too much, some people say the woman is white tea tea.

It is not Green Tea then stimulate the stomach, even the tea are relatively mild, the old white tea for colds and then put a few years to good effect.

Oolong Tea (green tea) neutral tea, tepid just good, relative to other high tea aroma, taste is relatively heavy, so many people choose Oolong Tea as slimming tea is a safe conservative.

Drink more because it does not hurt your stomach, it will make you constipation, but it Green Tea has a similar characteristics, is to let you can’t sleep sleep.

Black Tea and black tea belongs to warm sex tea, has the effect of warming the stomach, can stomach bad people drinking this two kinds of tea from the stomach conditioning, greasy Xiaoshi solution effect on it, it is much better than other tea, slimming effect is more obvious.

So some people often drink black tea feel very hungry hungry, drinking black tea does not cause insomnia.

But it is worth noting that, easy to get angry people drink more easily constipation or angry zhangdou.

Well, today we talk about what kind of tea do you think is more suitable to do their own rations of tea?

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What kind of tea can kidney impotence? The man to see a woman to see more!

What kind of tea can kidney impotence? The man to see a woman to see more! Abstract: when it comes to kidney impotence, your mind, is not out of some strange remedies, but Xiaobian tell you, in fact, our daily drinking tea as a healthy drink for common, kidney Yang also has a very good effect. So, what are the kidney Yang tea?

When it comes to kidney impotence, your mind, is not out of some strange remedies, but Xiaobian tell you, in fact, our daily drinking tea as a healthy drink for common, kidney Yang also has a very good effect. So, what does Kidney Yang tea?

Known as “the three branches of Epimedium nine leaf clover” with Epimedium decoction or boiling water, long-term drinking can play the role of kidney yang, especially for impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission of neurasthenia.

In addition can also be made with the kind of Epimedium herbs, nourishing the utility stronger!

The astragalicomplanali mashed, and then Green Tea by 4: 1 ratio together into the cup, with boiling water, you can drink after 15 minutes. This side with Tonifying the liver and kidney, arresting seminal emission effect. Apply to Xulao discharge essence, Yaoxisuanruan embolism.

Or mixed with astragalicomplanali 5g, Black Tea 3G ratio together with boiling water until the light, also have kidney yang effect.

Said leek leek impotence, actually even more, as the name suggests is the leek leek seeds, leek seeds and Green Tea by 4: 1 ratio, add crystal sugar with the boiling water, daily drinking has the efficacy of nourishing the heart, kidney Gujing, for men, the temperature of Tonifying the liver and kidney, impotence Gujing, warm waist and knee the effect is more obvious.

Many friends have been confused and longan longan, longan is actually dried longan, because nutrition is very rich, so do eat easy to get angry, but to drink tea is a good drink, nourishing yin and tonifying kidney.

Long term drinking to boiling water into longan longan tea, can play a benefit heart, invigorating qi and blood, Ding Zhi Ning God equivalent, adding red dates is a female friend rare tonic. Men need kidney, women also need yo!

The taste of Chinese wolfberry Ganping, liver, kidney, kidney Yijing, Yanggan eyesight, blood and soothe the nerves, Shengjinzhike, commonly used in the treatment of liver and kidney deficiency, blood deficiency.

With kidney wolfberry, the simplest method is to eat medlar soaked in water. Take 20 – 30 grams of wolfberry, with boiling water, soak two or three times after the Chinese wolfberry eat and chew directly eating wolfberry more conducive to the absorption of nutrients. But the Chinese wolfberry is also relatively easy to get angry, afraid to get angry tea should pay attention to.

Eucommia is warm, sweet and slightly spicy, with nourishing liver and kidney, strong bones effect, eucommia tea to eucommia leaf as raw material, nourishing liver and kidney, strong bones and muscles, lowering blood pressure, preventing miscarriage and other efficacy.

Recommended practices: Eucommia leaves 5 grams, 5 grams of high-quality Oolong Tea. With boiling water, simmer for 5 minutes after drinking, 1 times a day. To nourish liver and kidney, strong bones, blood pressure effect. But also by the usual Oolong Tea to tea!

The traditional tea often has some shortcomings in the kidney, like “Chinese wolfberry tea, ginseng tea” the active ingredients in the single, unsatisfactory. Try Pu erh tea.

Pu’er tea is, according to the requirements of the rule, select Yunnan, Tibet natural edible plant tea, Rhodiola extract, pine pollen strict compatibility and functional health care products. Pu’er tea set clear poison, Zhichun, repair, tonic and consolidate in one. DHEA alone with its components, a decisive role in enhancing male physiological function.

Every morning a cup of tea, smell and elegant tea, while enjoying the fun of tea, while also kidney impotence, for men, it is a great pleasure in life.

Well, this so much, in fact all the tea, as long as reasonable drinking, will accelerate the excretion of waste rate, indirectly promote kidney health! What are you waiting for, go to drink!

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A cup of tea on the teahouse by sushi shop?

A cup of tea on the teahouse by sushi shop? Abstract: throughout this year tea industry, in fact, there are many new tea brand “rise”, “common resistance” Starbucks. Such as Shenzhen’s “TEABANK”, Dongguan teahouse “beauty tea” and so on.

[a] tea net information the first half of 2016, there are rumors that Starbucks’s Teavana teahouse will open their first stores in Chinese, there is news that Starbucks will only tea brand Teavana in store sales. No matter what the situation is, we can see that the home location of the young fashion consumer groups of tea brand are likely to enter the market China. This reflected from the side of Chinese is young tea tea enterprises will represent the general trend, the traditional experience of transformation.

Throughout the two years of tea industry, in fact, there are many new tea brand “rise”, “common resistance” Starbucks. Such as Shenzhen’s “TEABANK”, Dongguan teahouse “beauty tea” and so on. The “beauty tea”, this young teahouse belongs to Dongguan city beauty tea, Tea Co. Ltd, is a focus on the young consumer market brand.

Popular beauty tea shop high “

The tea has become more interesting in the sushi shop opened a small teahouse

“Beauty tea” is about a group of beauty, love life, love of the young people they want to drink tea, tea becomes more interesting, more simple, more happy, share and “health, fashion, fast” tea of life for everyone. Xiao Bian also learned “beauty tea” on their own “small teahouse in the sushi shop”.

According to one of the “beauty tea” partner Luo Yanfen (hereinafter referred to as Fen sister) said: “the beauty of tea” will also operate their own flagship store, and all kinds of pastries, snacks together into a tea museum. At the same time will continue with the Dalian restaurant, pizza, sushi lock to carry out comprehensive cooperation, to enter the consumer field of young people.”

The beauty of tea “

Provide high quality tea making tea drinking more fashionable and convenient for consumers

The tea’s products have tea, jasmine tea, osmanthus, Roselle, rose, Pu’er Tea, rich products, are in the bag or simple packaging, high quality raw material selection. Abandon the tedious process of tea, beauty tea, advocating a more convenient way of drinking tea, the tea quality at the same time, also created a new tea variety, can meet the diverse needs of consumers.


So, this is not the same “tea business management” means what? What is worth learning?

Consumers: delicate health open high-quality lifestyle

As everyone knows, Starbucks is a story of enterprise. It is the story of the younger generation of consumers, petty bourgeoisie flavor, enjoy the spirit of “the key to all young people”. Since then, Starbucks will occupy the market at home and abroad crazy. Only a short while ago, petty also from our lives very far away. But now look around, petty bourgeoisie everywhere diffuse.

French fries with beautiful tea, different life

“Born beauty tea”, in fact, is another kind of “Starbucks” forms, and more quickly, through the integration of resources, the way of exquisite life replicated. By understanding, Xiao Bian also learned that “beauty tea” special attention in material selection, actively develop various kinds of natural and healthy beverage.

So, “born beauty tea” for consumers, is actually a petty and exquisite interpretation of life. Healthy material and high-quality drinking way is to show a healthy and fashionable way of life.

In the tea enterprises: brand marketing mode of cross-border new power infinity

In recent years, the tea market challenges exist. The market cold, the problem of brand development, product innovation and upgrade marketing thinking plagued major companies. Consumer trends also drink from the collection of steering direction, only to the traditional distribution channels to expand the market has been unable to meet the survival and development of enterprises can not meet the personalized consumer demand.

The doctrine of tea products

It is understood that the “beauty tea” through cross-border business, the rapid integration of resources to expand the tea market. In addition to the packaging fashionable western style, exquisite and convenient tea, healthy green ecological tea firmly grasp the consumer needs of young people. And, in terms of branding, beauty tea doctrine is the highlight of heavy, young story, key to control the quality of market initiatives, so that the brand has been sustained and stable development. Fen sister said: “with 80, 90 has gradually become the mainstream consumer market, the future market competition will slowly toward the brand competition.” Therefore, stable quality, brand awareness is now the wise.

The emerging marketing channels, emerging tea brand mode of operation to the market slump, the rapid development of the competitive situation. Perhaps this is the “beauty tea” for the tea enterprise competition significance.

In a variety of industries: imperative benign competition competition innovation mode

The competition is a natural law, there exists competition development. The tea market exists serious operating problems of product homogenization, homogenization of marketing mode and so on. The beautiful tea doctrine of “win-win cooperation”, “innovation and shared value” development pattern, the innovation of marketing mode to the traditional tea industry sounded an alarm, but more is the innovation and competition with the competition mode and a new development model for tea industry.

The beauty of tea “corner store

Continue to explore new business models, the formation of enterprise race each other situation, the tea industry is the real means of healthy and orderly development. In fact, the editor’s understanding, the tea industry is more hope of a variety of business models and competitive enterprises to make their own development faster, more healthy.

The tea industry needs innovation, need to continue to inject new blood, this is the consensus of big enterprises. In the continuous exploration, the continuous competition of tea market, how to quickly find a new marketing model, how to integrate resources, how to quickly capture the market of young people has become the enterprise sustained and rapid development of the urgent need to solve the problem. “The birth of this innovative brand beauty tea”, allowing consumers to enjoy the new tea consumption mode, can make the traditional tea enterprises with reference to the direction of.


Human | tea tea can see your character

Human | tea tea can see your character Abstract: A hedge between keeps friendship green., tea of alcohol such as tea. Different teas have different characteristics, you love what kind of drink tea, exudes what kind of temperament.

from tea can see a person’s. Look around you what are the characteristics of tea.

A hedge between keeps friendship green., tea of alcohol such as tea. Different teas have different characteristics, you love what kind of drink tea, exudes what kind of temperament.

The tea can see a person’s character. Look around you what are the characteristics of tea.

Look at the character from tea:

White tea: aroma light, fresh taste of alcohol

Personality: like to drink white tea people pay attention to privacy, relatively high cold, otherworldly, not easily accessible to strangers, basically unlikely and Zilai shu.

At the same time that people are sensitive , often pretend to be strong exterior hides a heart of glass.

Yellow tea: bud golden yellow, bright color embellish, sweet mellow taste of tea

Character: people like to drink tea yellow character calm, low-key but extraordinary, always inadvertently show off, do not easily express their emotions, the personnel are relatively slow.

Green tea: green, smooth, flat straight oil fragrance high long, mellow and sweet.

Character: people don’t like to drink green tea in interpersonal communication for a little small stuff, mostly character extroversion, full of fighting.

Like to show themselves, also want to be recognized, in the interpersonal relationship usually acts as the role of King communication.

Oolong tea (green tea): aroma fragrance, lasting, fresh and pure taste refreshing.

Character: people like to drink tea with spiritual, intelligent, active mind sharp, and relatively strong.

The implementation of strong, courageous, everything should grasp their own initiative, like the busy and the pursuit of new concepts and ways of doing things, energetic and eloquent, belongs to the subjective school.

Black tea: bright red soup, fresh taste sweet.

Character: people like to drink tea on their ability to have self-confidence, but also how to mediate various relations, especially the public relations ability.

Easy to be trusted, proficient in a variety of comforting tricks, as gentle as black people can always make some people around sense and positive energy.

Black tea: after fermentation, the taste is mellow.

Character: like black tea are usually low-key, modest, not pompous like, always shaoshuoduozuo character.

Insight is very good, can through the conversation to understand the ideas of others. The rhythm is slow but very steady, do things carefully and full of patience, worth some important work.

Look at the character from tea manners:

Big tea: like big tea, drink, character more forthright, but also impatient, don’t want too much waste of time, neat, the pursuit of efficiency.

They are good at talking with people, have a strong ability of learning and understanding.

Sipping tea: like sipping tea, slowly tasting people, do things more carefully ordered, they do the logic is very rigorous, listen and accept the advice of others.

Good at establishing the goal, no matter how difficult, can grasp the nettle.

What about? Tea is the human nature, most people drink tea common small all you collected, dear friends, if you have what insights, and also welcome everybody to share oh!

In addition, the tenth session of the Shenzhen Tea Expo Exhibition Center in Shenzhen third days are hot, want to contact like-minded friends of tea, tea in the buddies can go to a Tea Expo site, and to find a bosom friend.

Secretly tell you, small drink Dancong tea, just off today, the Tea Expo site encounter drink Dancong the guy to go!


Encounter different spring taste products Zhuyeqing meditation class

Encounter different spring taste products Zhuyeqing meditation class Abstract: Green Tea is undoubtedly the best gift of spring. Speaking of Green Tea taste, especially in spring, many people first reaction is fresh. But since the small taste this year’s meditation level Zhuyeqing, for tea taste, Xiao Bian has a new feeling. Today, with tea friends share.

[a] tea from tea Green Tea is undoubtedly the best gift of spring. Speaking of Green Tea taste, especially in spring, many people first reaction is fresh. But since the small taste this year’s meditation level Zhuyeqing, for tea taste, Xiao Bian has a new feeling. Today, with tea friends share.

Meditation class Zhuyeqing display

A, packaging and appreciation

Meditation class Zhuyeqing Packaging Exhibition

Canned elegant design, flat appearance, like the bamboo flat shape of dry tea. The dark color, represents the world’s original color, while the tea is grown in nature, and the combination of black tea are returning to the original. Tank body golden line, long and straight, connected “Zhuyeqing” three words. Simple ordinary lines to be independent, but contact with each other, there is a vivid sense of eye-catching, as if through this three word can see Zhuyeqing in the cup on the floating scene.

Two, dry tea appreciation.

The tank is 5 bags of tea, 4 grams per bag, avoid direct contact to brew tea, also do not need to be weighed. Open the pouch, the smell is similar to the scent of bamboo, at the dry tea shape of Buxus, color to green, no significant, sometimes yellow, fat bud is uniform, uniform.

Independent small package 4G

Evaluation tools

Dry tea show

Warm hot cup of light, dry tea into the tureen, shake two, cover a tender chestnut flavor is very obvious. But before the spring and tender chestnut aroma than Zhuyeqing tender chestnut fragrant elegant, quiet, quiet fragrance, and drink before the spring tender Li Xiang is strong, straight nose.

Three, er, tasting

The first bubble, 85 degrees C, 7S

Because of this Green Tea more delicate, and fewer impurities, so this time do not wash the tea. The first bathing color yellow, clear, aroma is still obvious tender chestnut flavor, sweet corn is like a kind of sweet feeling, slightly fragrant. The entrance of tea smooth, mellow taste, different from the general sense of the first global fresh spring, the bubble can obviously feel the thickness of tea. After the cup, with a clear sweet, caramel aroma seems to be.

The first bathing color

Second global, 85 degrees C, 10s

This is a special tea soup entrance smooth like silk. Thick soup, can obviously feel there is a matter of tea. After swallowing, will gradually feel throat like something stuck in there, sticky. In addition, the bubble can obviously feel fragrant soup, aroma bloom in the mouth, after the breath with tea.

Second tea soup

Third global, 85 degrees C, 15s

The tea tender fragrant outstanding, cold smelling cup cover, tender chestnut aroma lasting. The tea soup is soft, like the tongue and soft soft brushed cotton cotton candy, mouth sticky feeling still, cheeks, tongue on both sides of the sticky, like yogurt sticky feeling.

Third bathing color

Fourth global, 85 degrees C, 20s

The tea is still smooth, gentle, slightly astringent, especially the tongue, palate tart, oral is sweet and refreshing feeling, obviously.

Fourth bathing color

Fifth global, 85 degrees C, 20s

The entrance of tea and slightly astringent, slightly water taste, but sweet, sweet throat feeling full, throat rhyme long. Because the bubble has water taste, feel to ensure good drink, so no longer continue to brew. Green Tea generally only 4 bubble bubble, the bubble to Zhuyeqing fifth bubble micro water taste, is relatively resistant to bubble.

Fifth bathing color

Four, bottom of leaves and identification

Fresh water Green Tea always live, brewing after the bottom of leaves is always full of vigour. The bottom leaves with single bud and early bud development, green color, leaf hypertrophy is soft, even. The bottom of the leaf toughness, when hand to knead, does not rot, but there is tension.

The bottom leaves show

Summary: in the evaluation process, meditation class Zhuyeqing to Xiaobian feel is gentle”. The tea into the throat, the thought would be a general spring fresh and fresh taste, but let people be startled at. And in the impression of tea tea style is completely different, more flexible, is smooth, high viscosity, which contains abundant material, after not what fresh feeling, but the throat is sticky. But in the third bubble, there is still the oral and refreshing feeling.

In addition, the bamboo with tender chestnut flavor, the tender fragrant outstanding, elegant aroma lasting. The soup fragrant is obvious, especially when the second bubble is particularly prominent. Tea with fragrant aroma entrance, bloom in the mouth, after feeling breath with tea.


Escape from the parents circle of friends in the routine

Escape from the parents circle of friends in the routine

Escape from the parents circle of friends in the routine | and evaluation.

Excellent network.

No. 100 17-08-21 04:48

Quality of life with.

Ke Jun and recently seen such a micro-blog

Micro-blog @ funny list

“Your parents have what funny friends _______”

As the saying goes, fire, theft, anti parents Amway small article, under the title of a startling full of rumors, really a little spicy eyes, but sometimes, parents in the circle of friends occasionally funny to sell a small adorable, regarded as a stream. Today, and summarize the Ke Jun parents circle of friends small routines, fingers to slide, don’t stop.


Those who are active in the parents circle of friends to play fine

Yes, that is the title of the party! Do not turn not Chinese “,” event “,” 99% people to watch “,” to your family, you must watch “and so on, this is not the essence of the play is what? Do parents circle of friends every day playing chicken with the same.

Adorable Q @ Donnelly

@RIKI wood

@ Bai Jingting.

Look at the young it is because a good skin care, following which several skin care products to give mom, guess she is happy?


I was once suspected Daguai burst out of the equipment

See the following picture, his personal life has become a mystery…

@ you gave me super power _Lu

A young man @ o

Zhang Mengyao @ c_

@ 000 grain

Female friends @ TD

Comrade Wang did not think was so straightforward, buy some small gifts for parents to be more honest, the gift will help you pick a good, full of goods, do not pay attention to?


Sell adorable is a craft, spicy ginger or old

“I am so adorable, must be inherited” a fairy vowed.

The first star W @W

When you call @ durian during their

@ – sweet girl

The mother of the self can be said to be quite amazing, next time you take an umbrella shade.


We were delayed Duan Wang

There are a lot of parents are special culture, poetry and how that was accomplished in one or two, but in the circle of friends, have a little deviation of elegant style.

Hear @ CC

Hey @ hello.

Call me @ bad ah


You didn’t really understand middle-aged people

Not mentioned here refers to the gap in our understanding of say, a three year gap, and our parents will have a significant bias in the thought, however, the gap in the circle of friends, it is reflected quite most incisive.

@ –

The next time you tell Dad, mom will send you 520 roses, so he will receive chocolate, rather than a pot of Qinglong jade white porridge.

My parents are a wonderful @

I see it, there is a good wine and tea, want to drink what pick.

The circle of friends is a bit cute?

If you turn to your parents still do not know what some ghost articles, please send this article to share with them, and you, just want to tell them how to have a better quality of life, Hugo download test, sweep a sweep found around youpin.

They chose, is to choose a more healthy way of life.

Copy: adidas

Design: a small salary

The – end

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How to evaluate the advantages and is.

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Good tea in tea tasting Chao Xiang spring dinner held smoothly

Good tea in tea tasting Chao Xiang spring dinner held smoothly Abstract: in May 21st, Chao Xiang tea and T space co hosted the “2016 spring tea tasting tea Huohuo” (hereinafter referred to as tasting) was successfully held in T space.

[a] tea net information May 21st, Chao Xiang tea and T jointly organized the 2016 spring tea tasting tea Huohuo “(hereinafter referred to as tasting) was successfully held in T space. Although under the drizzle, but also did not stop to attend the tea tasting enthusiasm. The scene more than twenty tea, tea, drinking in the Fenghuang Dancong. At the same time, also to feel the unique charm of Chaoshan Gongfu tea.

T space

Sign in tea

Friends to visit the T space

T space nixing pottery

In the tasting official before the start of the T space brand director Mr. Zhang Richeng to attend the welcome tea, and jokingly said: “welcome home for tea, home for dinner.” About T founded space of the mind, Zhang said is to let everyone be able to slow down, back to where we started, we return to heart, hope T space can give tea friends home atmosphere.

T brand operations director Zhang Richeng

Tea tasting

Chaoshan Gongfu tea

As the host of humor after the opening, tasting link started. The first is this year’s tea tasting Guyu almondy. We watched the traditional Chaoshan Gongfu tea brewing, has thirty years of experience in the national assessment of tea teacher Zhan Yibo, Chao Xiang tea industry limited company founder Mr. Zhan Yibo (hereinafter referred to as Zhan teacher) introduced the basic situation of the sweet almond for everyone, “almondy locally called saw flower Aberdeen, mainly the blade sharp sawtooth like saw, saw a so called zi.” Zhan teacher explained. Since early spring this year suffered frost, and on Qingming rain, so delayed harvest time, but sweet almond quality but more this year than last year.

Tasting scene

Tea tasting tea

The first drink tea tea, many friends can not help but exclaim: “really strong aroma lasting!” then, tea friends watch the sweet almond leaf, leaf complete tender, red rimmed green, in a single Cong tea in almond is the most fragrant tea fine varieties.

Zhan Yibo teacher on-site guidance

Two kinds of Song Dynasty tea tasting

Second tasting tea is the two generation of song, drink almond sweet tea friends is very curious, can not help but question to discuss: what’s special about a song of tea, and sweet almond and what is the difference? “The two generation of this song for picking own two hundred years old old song, unlike other kinds of tea Dancong cultivars, in fact it is not a specific flavor, so they rely on them to identify them.” The teacher explained to everyone’s.

The two generation song for tea

Tea tea

A good time is fleeting, two good tasting tea imperceptibly. Although the tea party is over, but the tea are also reluctant to part, once can enjoy two good tea, but with a love of tea friends. Friends who have a photo, proposed to build WeChat group, leave their contact, looking forward to the next encounter.

Exquisite souvenir

Chao Xiang tea and T space also specifically for the scene of the tea lovers to prepare a beautiful souvenir, including the day of the two good tasting tea and tea cup nixing pottery.

A photo

Drizzle, stop a love of tea; tea, rare taste, a good tea. The spring tea tasting tea not only friends to taste this Guyu tea, but also carefully prepared Chaoshan Gongfu tea unique brewing utensils, tea making friends to further understand the Fenghuang Dancong tea knowledge, to see the other side of Chaoshan Gongfu tea culture.